Victorian Photograph Album No9

Victorian Photograph Album No9

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This is an enhanced edition of this enchanting dollhouse Miniature 1/12th scale photograph album.

Crafted with care, it is a slightly larger size for an even more immersive experience and better scale for dolls houses.

Its Dark Blue cover, delicately distressed, features a captivating vintage Album image adorning the front, inviting you into a world of nostalgia and charm.

Measuring 23mm x 30mm x 5mm, it's meticulously designed to capture every detail in miniature form.

Opening its cover reveals an inner design that mirrors the essence of a cherished album.

It contains 18 printed pages adorned with an array of vintage photographs spanning from precious baby moments to timeless wedding scenes and cherished family portraits.

At the journey's end lies a blank frame on the last page, inviting you to personalize your own miniature memories within its tiny confines.

Furniture in later image to show scale is not included.