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Such thoughtful customers


Well I am just so delighted. I received this lovely message from a customer (she is shy so we will call her Mme Paris...

Bonjour:-) j'espère que vous allez bien. Je vous remercie encore, sans vous, votre travail, je n'aurais pas réussi à avoir autant d'inspiration, merci merci merci :-),

Which roughly translates as....  "Hello:-) I hope you are well. Thank you again, without you, your work, I would not have managed to have as much inspiration, thank you thank you thank you :-),"

Below is her Jewellery store. I can see lots of items from Zenasminiatures but she has made all the jewellery and the dress. She even had the forethought to put my Business card in the picture.

Please keep the pictures coming. I love to see them.

Customers can be so creative!

A lovely customer has sent me these pictures today. It really made my day!I think I can see perfume kit 2 and kit 3, some bits from Violettes De Bois and of course the wedding bags and boxes are from Vintage Bride kit. She made all the bottles herself using beads etcI love getting pictures from happy customers. Please [...]

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New FREE downloads added to the website

Those of you who have purchased from Zenasminiatures over the last couple of months may have received a free gift. Its usually a wee printie to make a couple of items, perhaps a gift bag and box etcI decided it was only fair to also offer these in Digital form so I have aded them [...]

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Zenasminiature's First Tutorial

So here it is, my first tutorial. I made it right after I did the Essential Tools video, I couldn't wait, I was in the mood, what can I say...Again, its no where near perfect but I hope it comes across ok. I've been using my school teacher voice haha (not that i was EVER [...]

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Zenasminiature's Kits Essential Tools Tutorial

I finally got around to making a tutorial with the help of my daughter Saffron. Oh to be young a smart hahaIts not perfect but each new video will hopefully improve as I get more experienced. I hope you can at least find it somewhat useful. As I mention in the Tutorial, there is no [...]

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Madam Charmaine cheered me up, or was it Nancy?

Well, today I received some pictures from Nancy Withrow. She said the Madam Charmaine kits were her inspiration and as you can see she has used them perfectly in her display.The display also features items from these kits:Camille Sewing Box & Hat Boxes Claudia Perfume Stand Turquoise Lady Hat Box (FREE download)Gold Lady Boxes (FREE download)If you have [...]

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Nancy does it again!

Here is another fab display by Nancy Withrow. This time its Gatsby Salon.She has used the brand new Deco Perfume & Toiletry Display and backed it with Gold sparkly card for a great effect!You can see lots of other kits from Zenasminiatures in the room and aren't those ladies fantastic. What a great idea to cutout [...]

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Another satisfied customer

This fabulous image was sent in by Nancy. She used the Ruby download to make the perfume display in her boudoir. Isn't it fabulous?

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Christmas Printie Freebie 2019

Hello, I am feeling the spirit of good will today! Its been a hectic weekend with orders but thankfully they are all packed and ready to go.To thank all my customers I have added a free download kit to the website. It makes 2 boxes you will not find anywhere else and 2 Christmas cards [...]

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