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This old lady is looking fabulous in her new dress


Linda has sent a picture of her old lady, hmm I shouldn't say that really..she is a lady of advancing years...not sure if that's politically correct either...she is a very attractive older person?? and is she mourning or just wearing a dark dress...whats her story?

Anyway, she is wearing her dress from Zenasminiatures. I am so pleased it was a good fit!

Heidi in her new dress

This is another lovely picture from Marilee. "Heidi while she is sitting on her bed daydreaming about taking a hot air balloon into the world of clouds. (She is wearing a new dress of course)."Which needless to say is from Zenasminiatures

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Remember Maurice? Well this is his cousin..

I received this charming message from Marilee (by the way the doll Anna is wearing a gown by Zenasminiatures!)"Dear ZenaI thought you might like to meet 2 other members of Heidi’s family. Amos is the lion and Anna is Heidi’s cousin. You might remember Maurice the elegant lion with the cloak. He is actually a [...]

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Check out Maurice the lion...

This fab photo was sent in by Marliee.Frances is wearing her new dress (purchased from Zena's Miniatures of course!) and is looking stunning as usual.But can we take a minute to admire Maurice? I want to pronounce it Mawreece....because he looks so fine.Isn't he handsome in his cape?

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Madame Paris Wedding Salon

One of my fabulous customers, we will call her Madame Paris for reasons that are known only to me.......has sent in this lovely picture of her wedding salon. It features the kit Lady Melissa on the left. She called it Margaret but to be fair I would never have noticed if she had not told [...]

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Lady Georgiana enjoyed her shopping!

According to customer Olena, Lady Georgiana Henrietta Alexandra enjoyed shopping very much. She purchased the "Lady Delphine" kit and has done a fabulous job of making it up (with a little help for her mus she tells me.... Agatha the senior maid doesn't look too impressed but Adele seems happy to hold her mistress bags...Thank [...]

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Vanessa's Blog and her Haberdashery store

Vanessa got in touch and pointed me towards her blog. Its fabulous! Wait until you see her Haberdashery shop. It features quite a few items from yours truly...... You can find her blog here: http://kaleidoskopicromance.blogspot.com/Some previews...

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A surprise in the post

It's so rare to get physical letters in the post now that we forget how exciting it can be to get some photographs!One of my wonderful customers "Renate" sent me these pictures of  her shops. She used lots of Zenasminaitures kits to complete them but also is very talented as she made all the clothing [...]

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More customer pictures-this time wearing a Zenasminiatures outfit!

Marilee sent me these images of her doll wearing one my outfits.I was delighted and also amazed by the beautiful surroundings. This is what she told me "What you see as the background of my scene is actually an old needlepoint screen and the sides are actually wooden screens. One is an old carved screen. [...]

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Such thoughtful customers

Well I am just so delighted. I received this lovely message from a customer (she is shy so we will call her Mme Paris...Bonjour:-) j'espère que vous allez bien. Je vous remercie encore, sans vous, votre travail, je n'aurais pas réussi à avoir autant d'inspiration, merci merci merci :-),Which roughly translates as....  "Hello:-) I hope [...]

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