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 Download your file and save it to your PC. You will need an adobe acrobat reader-these are free to download online, you may be prompted to do this when you try to open the file. Your print has already been scaled to 1/12th for you to print on an A4 page. If you need help to scale it when printing there is more info here: Use A4 paper or card stock depending on the item. Advice on weight is normally on the print or listing. You may want to try a few different solutions. Use the download as often as you like to get the best result.

Please note SOME DOWNLOADS EXPIRE AFTER 5 DAYS AND YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD A MAXIMUM OF 2 TIMES!! You should download your file immediately and save to your hard drive for future use.

 Full information, tools & instructions can be found HERE. You can view a tutorial HEREThese are some images of kit making HERE




All kits and downloads are copyright Zenasminiatures


Please do not copy or reproduce the kits or Digital Downloads in any shape or form for resale. Full terms & conditions HERE




12 of 514 Items
12 of 514 Items