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 Download your file and save it to your PC. You will need an adobe acrobat reader-these are free to download online, you may be prompted to do this when you try to open the file. Your print has already been scaled to 1/12th for you to print on an A4 page. If you need help to scale it when printing there is more info here: Use A4 paper or card stock depending on the item. Advice on weight is normally on the print or listing. You may want to try a few different solutions. Use the download as often as you like to get the best result.

Please note DOWNLOADS EXPIRE AFTER 5 DAYS AND YOU CAN ONLY DOWNLOAD A MAXIMUM OF 2 TIMES!! You should download your file immediately and save to your hard drive for future use.

 Full information, tools & instructions can be found HERE. You can view a tutorial HEREThese are some images of kit making HERE

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