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This item is a Digital Download to make items for your dolls house as pictured.

There are often 2 items for download-one pdf, one jpg. Sometimes there may just be a pdf.

You should set your printer to print at highest setting for best results.

Your items have already been scaled to 1/12th and fit an A4 page. but if you choose to print for the jpg file you may have to set your printer to "print to fit" or scale it down to fit the page.

Your Digital Download will be sent via a link immediately on completion of checkout. This is done automatically by the ecommerce web site, it's not done by us. If you have any issues please get in touch (you may not get an immediate reply if we live in different time zones).

If you have ordered non digital items in the same order you will be charged postage as normal and your digital items will not be received until the order has been marked as “COMPLETE”. To do this I need to prepare the order for postage but this is normally done within 24 hours.

If you want to order other items but you want your digital items immediately – please place separate orders. That way you will get your downloads immediately via email.

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Tools & instructions - Zenas Method

The following are tools and methods which I personally use and recommend but you may find different or easier ways - the list is endless!


Scissors - One larger pair of scissors for cutting out the basic shape and then a smaller pair for points and tabs. I prefer small embroidery scissors or craft knife for fine cutting. Please use a cutting mat.

Glue - Only use quality tacky glue. Ask at your local craft shop. Use a fine tip applicator or apply with a cocktail stick on small parts.

Scoring tool - You can purchase a fine scoring tool at any crap shop or a tapestry needle or other blunt needle would do. You can make them easier to handle by sticking them into a bottle cork.

Clamps - These are a great help to hold your little box shape together while waiting for the glue to dry. I use tiny clothes pegs or paper clips.


Set printer to Photo quality or highest print quality you can get.

Use A4 card. This can be as fine as 120 gsm or slightly thicker for larger boxes 160gsm. You can also use glossy photo card which will give a crisp print, however, I find the edges hard to fold on smaller items. If you want your items to have a vintage look try printing it on cream card.

Using a ruler, score the fold lines before cutting out. Apply enough pressure to score without damaging the card.

Cut out the entire shape and snip any small cuts with a craft knife or small pair of scissors.

Bend your item into shape before gluing in place. The tabs which are glued to the inside of boxes can usually be clearly identified as they are usually not coloured or filled with design.

Finish off the edges with a gold marker pen or experiment with coloured ink pads.

Personalise your item with a pretty lace or ribbon or other decorative finish.

Use tissue to line boxes and fill with clothes, perfumes and a variety of minis to make them more realistic!


All kits and downloads are copyright Zenasminiatures

Please do not copy or reproduce the kits or Digital Downloads in any shape or form for resale.

Personal use - You may use these printie/download kits for personal use or as part of your creation and you can post images on Social Media. Please tag Zenasminiatures in your post and we will share it for you too.

Commercial Use - If you are a commercial seller you should seek prior permission from Zenasminiatures to use the completed items as part of your creation ONLY. If permission is granted you should not over produce these items or flood the market with goods made from these kits. Items created from the kits must not be sold individually, but as part of a larger creation featuring your own work. For example, books cannot be sold as completed albums but they could feature as part of a display for a library etc.

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Now enjoy (and come back for more!)

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