Download-Macaron Mint v2

Download-Macaron Mint v2

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Updated edition of our Dollhouse Miniature 1/12th scale Confectionery Boxes & Bags kit, featuring the captivating label design "Macaron" Paris meticulously crafted by Zenasminiatures. Available for instant digital download, this kit unlocks a world of creativity for miniature enthusiasts.

Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this kit enables you to create 6 assorted boxes, 3 bags, and an eye-catching advertising poster. Each box is designed to open, offering a lifelike touch to your miniature scene, with the exception of the charming small round ones. Printed on coordinating stripe-patterned bases, these miniature marvels exude authenticity and charm.


When complete Round box measures 28mm across x 13mm deep (lid comes off).
Larger square box measures 18mm x 18mm x 6mm deep (lid comes off).


Indulge your creativity by adding personal embellishments such as tissue paper, enhancing the realism of your miniature confectionery display. Please note that the kit's color may vary depending on your printer; however, it typically presents a delightful minty green hue adorned with elegant gold accents.

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