A Christmas Chalet

A Christmas Chalet

4th Nov 2020

This fabulous chalet is the creative product of Madam Paris ( I pronounce it Paree, I hope that's right, also its not really her name, but she knows who she is...).

Madame also sent this message " I take this opportunity to wish (in advance), ALL ZENAS-FANS, and their families, (ouiiiiii, I "describe" myself, like a ZENA-fan ^^) A MERRY CHRISTMAS, that this Christmas brings them : JOY, HAPPINESS, HEALTH."

She is indeed one of my biggest fans..perhaps the only one haha..I think not...See if you can spot Zena's Miniatures Kits. The ones I can see are as follows (you can click on the links):

Vintage Gold

Box & Bag Kit #3

Tartan Stationery

Hamper No3

Edwardian Couple

I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did! xx