Download - Dressing Table Set - Camelia - keepsake box,diary,stationery

Download - Dressing Table Set - Camelia - keepsake box,diary,stationery

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 Versatile kit designed to adorn your dressing table with elegance and functionality.

Crafted with attention to detail, this kit includes a keepsake box, a diary book, and a stationery stand complete with essential items.

The keepsake box, when assembled, measures 25mm x 20mm x 18mm (1 inch wide), featuring separate compartments and a lined interior for organized storage of your cherished items.

Our stationery stand comes equipped with six charming letters and envelopes, ready to be cut out.

The diary book has blank pages and features a wrap-around tab that can be omitted if desired.

This kit is available in a variety of colors to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Delivered in A4 format, the kit comprises two printable sheets. The first page is designed for printing on 140gsm cardstock, while the second page is intended for printing on paper.

Both PDF and JPG formats are included for easy access and printing.

Elevate your dressing table with the stunning kit, combining beauty and practicality in one delightful package.