Download  - Sewing Shop Display cards

Download - Sewing Shop Display cards

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Dollhouse Miniature Instant Digital Download to make shop displays

This versatile kit enables you to craft three distinct styles of displays, perfect for a sewing shop or any other imaginative setting. The kits makes 2 of each design printed on a single A4 page.(6 backing cards and 60 smaller notion cards).

Showcase thimbles, buttons, and let your creativity soar with the third display, whether it's adorned with jewelry, brooches, or other charming notions.

Each display includes accompanying cards for a professional point of sale presentation, seamlessly enhancing your dollhouse shop counter or any other miniature scene.

Thimble stand measures 29mm x 44mm

For an added touch of realism, personalize your displays by attaching beads or nail art, elevating the authenticity of your miniature world.

Please note, this kit offers the digital download only and does not include any trims or embellishments, allowing you to tailor your creations to your unique vision.

Prints on an A4 page.