Download - Violet Toiletry Basket

Download - Violet Toiletry Basket

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Create your own charming 1/12th scale dollhouse basket with our delightfully crafted design, inspired by the elegance of "Violet."

This digital download includes patterns for crafting the basket, 7 assorted toiletry boxes and a beautiful poster, as depicted in the images.

Personalize your creation by adding your own embellishments such as delicate silk ribbon, tiny flowers, or tissue paper—let your imagination flourish!

Once assembled, the basket forms an elegant oval measuring 33mm across. You have the option to either neatly arrange the toiletries inside as shown or scatter them for versatile display in your dollhouse scenes.

Enjoy a plethora of additional labels provided for your own creative ventures. Consider crafting miniature bottles and soaps using beads for a unique touch. Enhance the ambiance with delicate tissue paper accents and tiny floral details.

For those who prefer a printed version, we offer this option at a nominal cost of 30p plus postage. Feel free to reach out for further details.

Let your miniature world come to life with our enchanting dollhouse basket kit.

Furniture in images for scale and are not included. Available in other designs-see last image.