Gloves with box No3

Gloves with box No3

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Detailed 1/12th scale dollhouse decorative gloves with a charming box, meticulously crafted to enhance the elegance of your miniature world.

Each delicately designed box measures 13mm x 24mm, approximately 1 inch in length, ensuring a perfect fit for your dollhouse setting. The box's tissue paper delicately unfolds to reveal meticulously crafted gloves, adding an air of sophistication to any scene.

Crafted from textured cardstock, the gloves are intricately detailed, capturing the essence of real gloves. While they cannot be worn by a doll, their realistic appearance lends authenticity to your dollhouse vignettes.

Neatly fitting inside the box, these gloves are presented in a manner that exudes refinement and grace. Their dainty proportions and authentic texture make them an enchanting addition to any dollhouse setting.

Subsequent images depict a doll holding a glove for scale reference. Please be aware that the depicted glove does not correspond to this product but shares identical dimensions.

Indulge in the finer details of dollhouse decor with our decorative gloves and box set, where every element is designed to enhance the realism of your miniature world. Please note that furniture, dolls, and props shown in later images are not included, allowing you to customize your scene to perfection.