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 Download your file and save it to your PC. If you choose the pdf version you should use an adobe acrobat reader-these are free to download online, you may be prompted to do this when you try to open the file. Your print has already been scaled to 1/12th for you. You do not need to scale it or print to fit, just print the page as it is.Use A4 paper or card stock depending on the item. Advice on weight is normally on the print or listing. Small boxes are best printed on 140gsm, Larger displays on 160gsm or higher, some items are preferable on glossy card. You may want to try a few different solutions, you can use the download as often as you like to get the best result. If you use the jpg version you may have to set your printer to “print to fit” as this image is much larger due to the high resolution.

Full information, tools & instructions can be found HERE

You can view a tutorial HERE

These are some images of kit making HERE

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