Kit - Christmas Crackers - Vintage Santa

Kit - Christmas Crackers - Vintage Santa

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Printed kit to make 1/12th scale dollhouse miniature box of Christmas crackers.

When completed box of crackers measures 37mm wide x 25mm x 7mm. (1 and 1/2" inches wide x 1"tall)

The box will hold 6 crackers which can be removed from the box for display on your Christmas dinner table etc.

There are 8 cracker prints included in the kit. Each cracker measures 25mm long (just over 1 inch).

Last 3 images show scale and other options available in this design. Doll, props and furniture not included.

Printed on A4 folded. Does not include thread or embellishment etc. You will need something to help wrap cracker shapes, I used a kitchen skewer but you could use a knitting needle or extra fine cigarette tips.

Also available as a download.