Kit - Violet Haberdashery project set - 33 items to make!

Kit - Violet Haberdashery project set - 33 items to make!

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Printed large project kit to cut out and make 33 Dollhouse miniature 1/12th scale Haberdashery items with a stunning violet design. 

Kit makes hat pin stand, 3 hat pin boxes, ribbon reel, lace reel, needle pack, silk pin display, 6 silk pin boxes, open/closed signs,fashion folder, sewing box, scissors box, cotton box, 2 trim cards, 3 button cards, 3 yarn cards plus extra labels.

When completed items measure:

hat pin stand 35mm x 48mm

scissors box 24mm x 10mm

ribbon and lace reels 13mm wide

First image shows kit made up without embellishment. Other images show scale and ideas for your kit. Kit does NOT include embellishments.You could add beads and thread and spare pieces of haberdashery etc to make your items more realistic as I have done.

Printed on white quality photo card. Glue trim cards etc to spare card for added thickness.

You need to supply your own scissors and glue etc.